Monday, September 14, 2009

The Grand Procession of Peculiar Pets and People

This past weekend was the parade that we had been awaiting for weeks. The Grand Procession of Peculiar Pets and People. Cammy and Karma and I all marched in the parade in full costume. In the weeks leading up to the parade several costume making parties were hosted around the city to encourage people to come out and get creative making their own peculiar pet costumes. All the materials were donated and supplied and people were encouraged to donate anything they might not want for others to use. A local artist here in Wilmington, NC named Dixon Settler was one of the lead coordinators of the event which took place on the same day as the Arts and Antiques walk downtown. It was a busy day for us....I was set up at the festival selling my pottery, my husband Mark had to play music on the kids stage for a while and we marched in the parade. Whew! But it was a whole lot of fun!!! The image above was the giant dragon kite that led the procession. It took at least six people to carry the kite through the street. What followed was quite a site.

There were pets of all kinds...cute and adorable butterflies.
Unidentified creatures from who knows where.

Jellyfish on stilts.
Menacing furry infants

Bald bunnies!
Sweaty suspicious looking ducks

This little elephant was my favorite (besides my daughter) how cute is this!
Dragonflies on stilts eating giant worms

Here is Cammy in her cheetah costume that she made the end of the parade she was saying that her face was melting off.

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