Friday, January 8, 2010

Making a change for the better!

I recently came across Hip Mountain Mama
and have signed my family up for the One Small Change challenge. Our family has made many small changes over the years in an effort to be more environmentally conscious but we are not always truly religious in observing these. We recycle but I will admit that there is more that we could recycle...there is paper that makes it into the trash and yes the occasional plastic container of moldy food from the fridge that I'm afraid to touch to clean it out. Lights get left on. The bath water runs too long. All sorts of things need improvement around our house. So when I came across these challenges today it inspired me. Hopefully it will inspire your family too. For more information click on the links provided below and sign up your family.


  1. Thanks for joining the challenge and helping to spread the word! I enjoyed reading about all that you do already. I think your first change of not using the microwave is so great. It would be a tough one in my household!
    Good luck and thanks again!

  2. Ahh the elusive mum hates them too and darn it if they weren't so convenient I'd throw mine out too! My fourth has just started solids and I must say I'm relying a lot on mine at the moment.


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