Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Prismacolor Ice Sculptures

This beautiful ice sculpture resulted from two days worth of freezing coastal temperatures. It isn't often that it stays cold enough for more than a night around here for water to freeze outside but we have had a cold streak this week. Cammy and her friend have been playing by the icy ditches....throwing stones and sticks to try and break the ice in them all the while calling themselves the rainbow ice princesses. So we decided to take advantage of what mother nature was throwing our way and last night I let them loose with all the plastic containers in the cabinet and some food coloring and a pitcher of water. The next morning Cammy woke up early and went outside to the back porch (no shoes on) to check on her ice blocks before she did anything else.

These were our beautiful rainbow colored containers of ice the next morning. Cammy observed that the really full ones were still (wet) on the inside, but the thin ones were frozen solid. I found myself wishing that we had filled a few more containers to freeze. They were so jewel like.

Cammy got wise pretty quickly and got a pair of Daddy's socks to keep her hands from freezing since we couldn't find her gloves. Poor Karma couldn't seem to keep anything on her little hands and her fingers were bright red. Cammy was fascinated by the way the ice would actually stick to her hands or the socks and I was unable to give her a satisfactory answer as to why it sticks to things. I found myself thinking about that Christmas movie where the little boy sticks his tongue on a lamp post. Why does it stick anyway?

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