Monday, August 3, 2009

Bad Hair Day

Ok, so I have been a little overworked trying to get ready for the school year and trying to get all of my fall pottery orders made and get enough inventory built up for the fall shows. I get a little silly to releive the stress. We have tons of fun around here playing dress up and donning various wigs. It's great for a full blown belly laugh and that relieves a lot of stress. My family are all accomplices, or victims however you want to look at it....they don't seem to mind. I was looking through all the photo archives and put this together to amuse myself and hopefully you as well.

Hey! Who put this thing on my head? What is it anyway?

Oh! I actually look pretty good like this...Do you have one in pink?

Why yes we can borrow your sister's wig.

Cammy the clown. She is always up for a good wig show. Quite the entertainer just like her daddy.

Cammy actually performs with her dad from time to time and her favorite song is "Mikey the Monkey"

Yes, we even put wigs on our art!

1 comment:

  1. "We Crazy Ain't we baby"
    Wiggy Wiggerton
    Weaverton, Cally phone ya

    Mixed media on gallery wrap Price $75


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