Thursday, August 6, 2009

Miss Spider's Snack

Our resident Miss Spider has caught a tasty butterfly for a snack today. Yesterday Cammy was amazed by this beautiful spider's size. Today upon seeing what a large appetite the spider had she was a bit frightened. It really struck her that a spider could eat something as big as this large butterfly. She got quite frightened for my life when I was trying to get a close up shot....we do not have a powerful zoom camera, so I had to reach up pretty close. We checked on her progress several times throughout the day and by late afternoon there was no sign of the cocooned butterfly anymore. Apparently Miss Spider was very hungry.

1 comment:

  1. Nice spider!!

    I've been looking through your blog this morning...its been fun to read. I'm going to add you to the sidebar on my site. I really like the post about the crabby sandwich with the gym mat. We have one of I know what else we can use it for!! It would be just the thing to get a giggle out of a crabby boy.

    BTW-I tried to post your comment to my site, but for some reason, its only posting certain comments. It says its published, but when you go to the comments, its not there. Hmmm.. anyhow, just wanted to say thanks for stopping by...I'm glad I got to see your site as well!


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