Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Cranky Cammy Sandwich

Sometimes when Cammy gets cranky we make a "Cranky Cammy Sandwich". Today was one of those days and let me tell you it was a deliciously fun sandwich to eat. We have some exercise mats that have alternate uses as either forts or bread depending on the need at the time. Throw in a slice of Cranky Cammy a few socks from the laundry pile for worms or onions. a pillow for some tomato, a blanket for some mustard or mayonnaise, a few stuffed animals to make it interesting and your sandwich is complete. She always comes out giggling hysterically and wanting to be a burrito next or lasagna. Karma even got into it today ....actually eating it. Here she is biting the mat. She just doesn't understand yet....you don't actually eat it.
Some of Cammy's favorite books are the Sam's Sandwich series of pop up books filled with gross and funny fillings. We also like the book Pete's Pizza

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