Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Magic Peace Kids Band

Magic Peace Kids Band

The Magic Peace Kids Band giving their first concert under the Willow Tree.

Cammy has started a new band. Since there aren't any girls around to play with Cammy has decided that her band name needed a change. The Butterfly Girl Band is sadly no longer in existence and being diplomatic she decided that she should be all inclusive (allowing boys into the band). The new band name is The Magic Peace Kids Band....they still need a little more practice before they can play out but they have been working on it. Sadly Mark accidentally sat on Cammy's strawberry guitar the other day(it was under a blanket on the couch)....boy was she mad!!! She has gotten over it for now but he has to buy her a new one for sure.

Just for nostalgia's sake I had to put in a few pics of the original Butterfly Girls Band. These are from their first live performance ....complete with spotlights per Cammy's request. I just wish I had an audio tape. The songs were so great, something about a field of flowers and fairies of course.

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  1. So cool. The boys here made up the Bikini Wicked Wake Up Band. They like to play Seven Nation Army on their guitar and homemade drum set. It's quite lovely.

    Perhaps my band and your band could work together? :)


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