Monday, August 3, 2009

I'm gonna go eat worms:)

Earthworms Unit Study:
worm, compost, wiggle,
Singing Herman The Worm and I'm gonna go eat worms
Science Activities:
Set up a worm habitat for composting and viewing
Investigate the garden for any wormy activity on the vegetables(Have Cammy dress up like a detective and be the client that wants her to find out who is eating her prize squash)
Math activities:
Dig up and measure some earthworms for your habitat and graph their lengths
Do some yummy math with gummy worm subtraction or addition.
Art activities:
Form Drawing do an s laying down and an s standing up also do a w for worm.
Do a glue resist drawing of worms in the ground.
Make a coil pot
Make a worm puppet from some old socks and put on a play singing Herman The Worm and go present it to Jubilee or Milestones and Hope.
Cooking: Spaghetti of course and flower pot cupcakes and spaghetti squash
Host a wiggle worm contest(could make this into something bigger like the insect olympics for playgroup friends with events like cricket hopping contest, Spider crawling contest : only your hands and feet can touch the ground and you race to the finish line, have a dung beetle ball rolling contest, maybe a rolly polly contest where they have to roll up and stay still the longest ,

Wiggle on the floor like a worm make a sam's sandwhich with the mats and put Cammy in as a worm
Gummy worms for math and of course eating

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