Saturday, August 1, 2009

KARMA KONG and the puppet show

Cammy entertained the family this afternoon with a delightful puppet show entitled "Everything You Can Think Of In Fairyland"...and yes she came up with the title and yes it did have everything you can think of. I kinda went nuts making felt finger puppets this winter when it was too cold to go out in the studio. The cast of characters included a polar bear, a zebra, a frog, a dinosaur, Fluffy the hamster and others. The show was going well until baby sister Karma wanted to join in the fun. Her nickname these days is "KARMA KONG"
because she delights in knocking down block towers and pulling books off shelves. There were a few tense moments but Cammy rolled with it and included her in the show changing the plot line to include her sister. Apparently the fairies were taking care of the giant infant child who was abandoned in the woods. Can you tell she watched Mowgli recently? She proceeded to get out the wooden play food and the fairies spent all their time feeding the human child who was lost......gotta love it! Sisters working it out, sort of.

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